Can I go to the sauna and sauna for pregnant women?

Today, the bath and sauna are not only used for washing, they celebrate birthdays, calendar and professional holidays, they are going to a big company on a day off. The modern pregnant girl does not want to drop out of the usual rhythm of life, stay at home, give up her favorite pursuits. For a long nine months, you can be bored and depressed. What if my friends call me in the sauna? Refuse or still pregnancy is not a contraindication?

It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally, neither the categorical "no" nor the unambiguous "yes" will be wrong. We will tell so, not to all pregnant women and not always it is possible to visit a sauna and bath .

When pregnant, you can go to the sauna

According to doctors, you can go to the sauna and sauna only accustomed to this woman with an easily flowing pregnancy. That is, if earlier you regularly, 2-4 times a month visited the sauna, then your body will normally take it and pregnancy. However, you should not have medical contraindications. T

he woman usually learns about how the pregnancy is going on in 2-3 months, in the early stages everything is very fragile and unpredictable, so if you want to give birth to a baby, it is better to refrain from the steam room.

When you can not go to the sauna during pregnancy

Contraindication to sauna and bath is any ill health during pregnancy, toxicosis, high blood pressure, tone of the uterus, drawing pains in the abdomen and lower back, weakness, low blood pressure. Also, during pregnancy, problems with blood coagulability often arise, in addition, during this period, it often thickens for natural and physiological reasons. It will not be superfluous to make sure that in this respect, everything is fine with you. Indicative are the coagulogram and d-dimmer assays.

It is absolutely forbidden to visit the sauna with bleeding, the threat of premature birth, ICI, edema and any other conditions dangerous to the fetus and mother. High temperatures can provoke bleeding, miscarriage, placental abruption, the onset of labor, a heart attack.

Do not forget that in pregnancy, even if it is normal, the body works under stress. Failure can occur at any time, so it is better not to allow potentially dangerous situations, and the steam room is just like that.
It is forbidden to go to sauna and bath and with well-known contraindications, such as respiratory diseases, dermatological diseases, hypertension, vascular and heart disease.

Pregnant women are not even recommended to take hot baths and soar their legs, since does not just improve blood circulation, but causes a rush of blood to the pelvic organs, which is very dangerous for future mothers .

In the bathroom, as in a sauna, it can become badly bad and as a result a woman can not get up out of the water herself or slip and fall. Bath doctors are allowed to take only warm, almost room temperature. Another danger of the bath is that the vagina can get contaminated water and cause various diseases, inflammation. Especially it concerns bath-jacuzzi in saunas and baths, now it is not uncommon. Many pregnant women do not go to the thermae, but luxuriate in the jacuzzi. If the water is not hot, we will repeat, there is nothing terrible, but with sanitation in public places it is more difficult, so think a hundred times - do you need it? Some "harmless" fungi and infections, absolutely not terrible for an ordinary person, can be very dangerous for a pregnant woman. For example, E. coli - it can provoke the premature onset of labor, and from various fungi, vaginosis, thrush, which must be treated, otherwise they can lead to infection of the fetus, rupture of tissues during childbirth.

Recommendations for visiting a bath for pregnant women

If you still decided to visit the steam room, then do it in a sparing mode. Stay in the steam room for no more than 3-5 minutes, choose a place on the bottom shelf and away from the heat source. After it is not necessary to pour cold water on the , because the vessels, including the umbilical cord of the fetus, the placenta and the baby, will react first of all - during pregnancy, artificial expansion and narrowing of the vessels is of no use. It is better to rinse under a cool shower or cool in a rest room.

When entering the therma, do not forget to put on the hat, it will protect the head from overheating. Many ignore the hats for saunas and in vain, without such protection, the heat adversely affects the brain, and also very much dries the hair.

You can not jump into a pool or in a hole in a pregnant woman, not only because of the temperature difference and the fact that it can catch a cold. It is also traumatic - in pregnant women shifts the center of gravity, and a woman can not keep her balance, fail to fall. Observe safety techniques, avoid slippery places, active fun near the pool or pond, as you may not notice, accidentally push, touch.

For hygiene and safety in the sauna and bath should wear rubber slippers. They will protect the feet from the fungus and will not let you slip. Slippers are better to choose with a firm and thick sole, for vyvnamok it sometimes bends, which leads to the fact that a person stumbles.

Pregnant woman should not be left in the sauna of one - neither in the steam room, nor in the pool. Even in the rest room it is advisable to look after it. If there is a spouse or girlfriend next to you, you will be able to provide timely medical assistance, in case it becomes bad. Otherwise, it may take a long time before your absence becomes noticeable.

A pregnant woman who has not previously visited a sauna or bath is not recommended to try this pleasure during pregnancy. If there is no data, how the body tolerates high temperature and humidity in the usual state, then it is simply impossible to predict its reaction during pregnancy.

It is not necessary to refuse to go to a sauna or a bath, especially if the goal is not only to steam, but also to have fun. Positive emotions are absolutely necessary for a pregnant woman .Just follow the safety precautions, do not abuse the therms - better give preference to water procedures, swimming is useful in pregnancy. It is also a good opportunity to take care of yourself, make masks for the face, body, hair.

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