Is it possible for pregnant women to have nonalcoholic beer? Harmful to the baby "pleasure"

Is it possible for pregnant women to have nonalcoholic beer? This question worries most of the future mothers with the advent of the sale of this kind of beverage. Changes in the female body that occur during the period of expectation of the baby, sometimes turn out to be very unexpected, and even those who earlier turned a nose on this real man's drink, suffer from the desire to make a couple of sips.

Consequences of drinking alcohol during pregnancy

whether it is possible for pregnant women to have nonalcoholic beer So, let's see, is it harmful to pregnant women with non-alcoholic beer? Naturally, any alcohol in these wonderful nine months is contraindicated. Its negative destructive effect on the fetus is proved by numerous studies. Various complications of ongoing pregnancy: the threat of miscarriage, intrauterine growth retardation, the likelihood of developing mental and physical defects are just a partial list of the terrible consequences that alcoholic beverages are likely to experience during pregnancy.

What is a part of non-alcoholic bee


Despite its name and the number "0" on the label, non-alcoholic beer contains about 4% of alcohol. It turns out, alcohol, albeit in a minimal amount, but is present in this drink. For an adult, this dose, in principle, is safe, and will not harm a healthy body. But for a woman who wears a baby, even that amount of alcohol can be disastrous. When deciding whether non-alcoholic beers can be pregnant, think that your future baby will receive not only a substantial dose of alcohol instead of a substantial amount of nutrients, but also a large number of harmful chemical additives and preservatives. These harmful substances for the organism substances are added to any beer, even non-alcoholic, to give flavor and aroma and to increase the shelf life of the drink. In the opinion of many who have tried alcohol-free beer, it is not real and tasteless, and the addition of preservatives makes it more harmful than natural "live beer".Therefore, an unequivocal answer to the question of whether it is worthwhile to drink soft drinks at least occasionally is clear, no! Is it possible to put the physical and mental health of an unborn child at great risk because of the pleasure that will last only a few minutes? Is it harmful to pregnant women with non-alcoholic beer?

The desire of a pregnant woman is the law?

There are many supporters of the theory that if a pregnant woman wants something very much, then her body needs it. Doctors, in some ways, agree with this statement, but offer a way out of the current situation - to find a product similar in composition and thus make up for a deficiency in the required trace elements or vitamins. So, is it possible for pregnant women to have nonalcoholic beer? If, being in an interesting position, you still have an irresistible desire to drink a glass of this beer, then try to find a replacement for him. As part of any beer contains vitamin B, so choose products that are similar in composition to vitamins, for example, fresh carrots. Of course, there is no need to talk about an equivalent replacement, but after all, we choose products that are useful not only for mom, but for the baby.

Should I put my child's health at risk?

is it worth pregnant with non-alcoholic beer

A few more important points about the question of whether pregnant women can drink non-alcoholic beer. First, like alcohol, it is a strong diuretic that is harmful to the future mother's body. Secondly, the desire to eat something salty or spicy under the glass of this drink also has a negative effect on the body, becausepromotes the formation of edema. And, finally, frequent use of non-alcoholic beer during pregnancy can lead to problems with some abilities of the child in the future and his upbringing.