How to replace starch in baked goods

How to replace starch in baked goods Quite often in the list of ingredients of cakes, pies and pancakes, there is starch( potato, corn and so on).This product helps to remove excess liquid from the dough, resulting in baking is airy and easy. In addition, the dough with the addition of starch acquires ductility and from it it is possible to mold products of any shape. However, to some people is contraindicated the use of starch, a woman carefully Weight Watchers also do not like this product because of its high calorie content, and in the end it may be that the absence of starch in a food locker is found already at the last moment, when run to the storelate. How to be? How to replace starch in baking? About this and talk today.

No matter how amazing it may seem, there are a lot of alternatives to starch. This product in baking can be replaced with flour, ground into powder with coconut chips, mango, breadcrumbs and even raw eggs. What alternative to use in this or that case, should be decided based on the type of baking, which

you decided to pamper your household.

How to replace starch in a biscuit test?

If you decide to bake a biscuit cake, but there is no starch in the list of ingredients, you can replace it with ordinary wheat flour.

The pancakes were assembled, but there was no starch?

The dough for pancakes instead of starch can be added eggs( of course, only if you do not cook meatless pancake) at the rate of 1 medium size egg substitute 2 tablespoons of the potato / corn starch.

What to put in shortcakes and dough for pies instead of starch?

Baking of dough, as well as cakes, original composition of which involves the use of starch will get no worse, if we replace the milled powder to dust coconut or semolina. In shortbread dough in an inescapable situation, you can put more flour and increase a little bit of ripper, you can be sure, the substitution will not notice. Delicious baking will turn out, if instead of starch put in the dough an increased portion of eggs. In extreme cases, you can use bread crumbs, they will have exactly the same effect as starch.

How to prepare starch

We have proposed a sufficient number of alternatives to starch. If the search for replacement is not due to contraindications to the use of starch, but the lack of a product at home and the unwillingness to go after him to the store, you can cook it yourself. Peel potatoes from the peel, rinse well, grate and wring through gauze. Leave the freshly squeezed juice for a while, the precipitate that appears is nothing but potato starch. Drain excess water and allow the starch to dry, after which it can be used for its intended purpose.

Dear visitors of our portal, perhaps creating culinary masterpieces, you had to replace starch with alternative products. We will be grateful if in the comments to this text you share your experience.

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