Can I get pregnant with cervical erosion?

Cervical erosion is a common gynecological disease. How does it manifest itself and does this ailment prevent the possibility of conception? And if the pregnancy has already taken place, is it necessary to start the treatment of erosion or should it be postponed to the postpartum period? This is what we will talk about in this article.

Symptoms of erosion and ectopia

The internal cervical canal lining a thin layer of epithelium. Outside, the epithelium is multilayered. On the boundary of these protective covers, wounds and other injuries can appear, which are called erosion. Finding out how compatible cervical erosion and pregnancy are, it is first necessary to determine the basic terms, first of all, with the features of different manifestations of this disease.

There are true erosion of the cervix and pseudo-erosion, the latter is also termed ectopia. This growth of the epithelium on the surface of the cervix at the age of puberty and in the following period - up to 25 years. It is related to t

he change in the hormonal background of the girl and has a physiological character, without requiring medical intervention. In a few years, everything by itself comes back to normal.

But often these phenomena are complicated by the intervention of infections, and then the question of whether it is possible to become pregnant with erosion becomes relevant. Then the doctors talk about the presence of true erosion, the question of the need for treatment is decided individually, depending on the cause of the dysfunction and the degree of its severity. The most common causes of the development of erosion are:

  • mechanical damage to the epithelium;
  • disorders in the hormonal sphere;
  • is a sexually transmitted infection;
  • is an inflammatory process.

Women planning maternity, the situation with the possibility of becoming pregnant with erosion of the cervix uteri is worried. How to understand that this problem is present? To guard such obvious manifestations of the onset of the disease, such as blemishes or spotting, accompanied by painful sensations in the lower abdomen. These symptoms alone will not disappear.

Treatment of dysplasia and the possibility of getting pregnant with cervical erosion

But what should I do: immediately start treatment or abstain, wait until the baby is born? Cervical erosion and pregnancy are quite compatible, - the majority of doctors consider. But only if this is the final diagnosis, and there is no real danger of transformation into an oncological disease. To understand the intricacies of a woman's condition, it is necessary to make an analysis of epithelial secretions once a year: a special smear. It helps to identify atypical cells, which indicate that dysplasia( a benign change in the structure of the epithelium) grows into a malignant tumor.

The initial stages of dysplasia are visible and with a visual examination at the gynecologist, but in order to exclude oncology, it will be necessary not only to take a smear for a cytological analysis, but also a biopsy - to study a small piece of tissue. Whether it is possible to become pregnant at erosion - with it or this we have already been defined or determined: the answer affirmative. And if we found out that there is no malignant pathology, then there is no special cause for concern. Most likely, the initial stages of dysplasia are the result of chronic inflammation.

And here a dilemma arises: if the focus of infection is left, it can harm the health of the child. Another danger: possible ruptures of the cervix in the place of erosive lesions during childbirth. And yet, more often, if the disease has not acquired a serious scale, doctors recommend that from erosion treatment during the period of bearing the child abstain. Of course, and after cauterization of erosion it is possible to become pregnant, but the same effect does not pass without a trace, after treatment scarring may remain, and they break the elasticity of the neck and make it difficult for a baby to appear. And they threaten with even greater gaps than with untreated erosion. Such a vicious circle, the way out of which in each case is individual.

Is pregnancy dangerous after cauterization of erosion?

Pregnancy after cauterization of erosion Before conclusively to draw conclusions, does not prevent the erosion of the neck of pregnancy, we recall the main methods of its treatment. This diathermocoagulation, and simply - moxibustion;cryodestruction - freezing;use of a surgical laser. Types of cauterization also vary considerably, today this procedure is much more sparing than from a dozen years ago. Nevertheless, it remains quite painful, and most importantly, pregnancy after cauterization of erosion often ends in difficult births. The use of liquid nitrogen and the laser procedure are less traumatic, after them tissue healing takes place. But the danger of infectious infections remains, so hygiene in the period after treatment should be particularly thorough.

When after cauterization of erosion can you get pregnant without fear of negative consequences? About a year later - this is the urgent advice of doctors.

Regular consultations with a gynecologist, smear control and other preventive measures will help keep the situation under control and promptly eliminate the first abnormalities, without allowing the disease to worsen.