Should I be afraid of cutting my hair during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an extremely important period in the life of every woman. In these months, the body is rebuilt and hormonal, and physiologically. The future mother should treat herself carefully and carefully, weighing every decision. Potential harm to the baby should be ruled out. Thoroughly thinking through each step, do not forget about logic and common sense.

There are a lot of things that are not allowed during pregnancy. In this list, food, hygiene items, drinks that can harm a baby. But the future mother needs to know a simple everyday rule that if it's not harmful - then you can.

In addition, it is necessary to intelligently separate simple superstitions and justified prohibitions. One of the controversial questions - is it possible to cut hair during pregnancy?

Empty superstitions or why can not you cut hair to pregnant women?

Many people's customs and traditions are associated with the hair. Most of them are absurd and ridiculous. If you cut hair during pregnancy, shorten the life of a

child, give birth before the due date and other unbelievable reasons. There is not a drop of truth here.

The explanation will accept why it is impossible for a pregnant woman to cut her hair, based on ancient traditions. It is known that in ancient times people with special respect for hair. Hair protected the person from trouble and cold. They were credited with vital energy and strength. It was believed that shortening of hair is associated with shortening life, decreasing energy, reducing prosperity and health.

However, the modern vision of the question is this: to cut hair during pregnancy it is possible and necessary! No doctor will tell you that there is at least the slightest danger for the child. An interesting fact - in China, future mothers short hair, as soon as they learn about pregnancy. As you can see, this does not lead to a decrease in the birth rate.

Is it possible to cut hair during pregnancy: science

Signs are only assumptions, and science operates with facts and evidence. Even if you believe in signs, with scientific facts you can not argue.

Experts say it's personal business to cut hair or not. Prohibitions are not here! Scientists did not find reasonable explanations for superstitions and signs.

Pregnant hair can be cut - there are compelling reasons.

During pregnancy, a woman's hair changes its quality and structure. They can become more dry and brittle. In this case, they must be cut.

Sometimes, with a change in the hormonal background, growth is stimulated, the hair condition and density improves. And after childbirth, during lactation, on the contrary, intense hair loss begins. And in this case, experts recommend cutting hair during pregnancy, in order to reduce the load.

After the birth of the baby, you will not have time to set up beauty, visit the salons and hairdresser. So do not miss the opportunity to do yourself now. Do not believe stupid signs!

If you regularly cut the split ends, the hair becomes healthier and grows better.

A neat haircut creates an attractive look, which means it raises the mood of a future mother. Some women go to work "to the last", so they must look fashionable and well-groomed.

Well-groomed appearance and beauty favorably affects the well-being and family well-being of the future mother. The appearance of a pregnant wife, exhausted with toxicosis, besides with a greasy bundle from behind, is unlikely to impress the husband.

Hair cutting is an essential element of care. In addition, do not disregard tips for improving the condition of your hair during pregnancy.

Tips for hair care during pregnancy

Cut your hair during pregnancy With the change in the hormonal background, the hair condition generally changes. Essential means of care are shampoo and balm.

For additional care, use a hair mask. It will help to restore the weakened hair, will give shine and a healthy appearance.

Women with a normal type of hair are advised to rinse hair after washing with infusion of burdock root or chamomile.

For oily hair it will be useful to rinse with infusions of plantain, St. John's wort and yarrow. In hair bulbs it is useful to rub the juice of the leaves of aloe.

If you have dry hair, opt for the infusion of birch leaves and peppermint.

Always remember that the beauty of hair is the key to your wonderful mood in such a critical period.

Is it possible to cut hair during pregnancy with hot scissors?

This procedure is professional hair care and is performed in beauty salons and hairdressing salons. Pregnant you can cut your hair with hot scissors.

Haircut with hot scissors is healing, it helps the hair to remain beautiful and well-groomed throughout the pregnancy. So, if the damaged part of the hair is cut off with simple scissors, the place of the cut remains naked, and the scales of the hair after a while become again uneven and torn. As a result, the hair loses nutrients, moisture and begins to break away in a damaged place, it is cut on the tip. Hence the increased dryness, lack of shine and brittleness. Hair is difficult to comb, lose volume.

If the cut is made with hot scissors, then the tip is as if sealed. Scales on the cut are tightly pressed against each other. At the end of the hair creates a kind of capsule, which preserves vitamins, trace elements, amino acids inside the hair. To cut hair during pregnancy with hot scissors is useful doubly. After all, at this time, as ever, the lack of vitamins and nutrients in the body of a woman affects.


Is it possible to cut hair during pregnancy, to curl, to paint, to bring beauty to the head? In occasion of a hairstyle, the answer is definitely positive. On the occasion of paint - experts unanimously advise to abstain the first trimester of pregnancy, when the formation and laying of the main organs is underway. It is much better to choose natural dyes: henna or basma. Pregnant you can cut hair with hot scissors, but it is undesirable to do hair extensions. The choice is yours, because the goal of all these cosmetic manipulations is the same - so that the future mother will feel beautiful and happy for 9 months!