African flower Freesia - growing outdoors and at home

Inflorescence of freesia This plant can be equated to the category of colors " royal ".The refined aroma and elegant appearance has deduced it on peak of popularity. However freesia, landing and care which requires you to know the relevant knowledge, forces you to apply a little effort to please this beauty.


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General information

Pink freesia On the European continent freesia came from Africa and immediately fell in love with many. It is a bulbous plant, has delicate flowers from a pale pink hue to a rich blue.

Domestic floriculturists have gained particular popularity such kinds of freesia:

  • Red Lion;
  • Apolo;
  • Princess Marijka;
  • Terry;
  • Oberon.

Each of them is unique in its own way.


Freesia in a pot To admire the charm of flowering freesia in the garden, you need to find a shaded place, protected from drafts. To grow a loose soil, allowing air to come up.

Landing on the open ground is carried out not earlier than the night frosts on the ground will cease - this may be the end of May. Before planting, soak the bulbs for about 30 minutes in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Depth of planting depends on soil type: light soil - 12 cm, medium - from 8 to 10 cm, heavy - 6 cm.

In August, the bulbs will begin to form flowers( up to three peduncles).And until October, freesia will delight you with its beauty, and each of its flowers spread the fragrance( see photo ).During this period, care consists in regular watering and loosening of the soil.

As they come from hot Africa, these flowers never hibernate in the open ground in the garden.
Therefore, after the flowering period, the bulbs are excavated. And the whole winter care consists of the following stages: Storing tubers
  1. Bulbs are dried for about a week at a temperature of 25 degrees.
  2. Store 3-4 months at the same temperature.
  3. Transfer to a room with a temperature of 10 degrees. Here they are, until the time at which the is planted approaches( see photo) .An important factor - in the room should be high humidity.

Beauty in the house

To contain an exotic flower in the home, care for it includes:

  • a bright place( southern windows);Freesia at home
  • high humidity( spray, but protect flowers and tied buds);
  • watering rule - the soil should not be over-dried;
  • adequate ventilation( at home - ventilation, but without drafts).

Experienced growers are well aware that freesia is able to dissolve its flowers not only in summer but also in winter. For example, if the landing of the Red Lion species was made at home in the summer, then under the howl of the blizzard you will admire the scarlet bloom of your favorite, as in the photo.

In order for a flower to have a strong root system, the pot must contain a mixture of equal parts of humus, peat and leaf earth.

Having provided all the above conditions, you can be sure that the plant receives optimal care at home. And his numerous flowers will testify to this.


Seeds of freesia The flower is propagated by seeds. There are various videos for florists that demonstrate this process. Planting is as follows:

  1. For 15 minutes, the seeds are soaked in a dense solution of potassium permanganate. Rinsed with boiled water at room temperature. Dried on a napkin.
  2. Then for a day soaked in boiled water.
  3. Mixed with river sand and kept for 2 weeks in a wet condition.
  4. Sow the seeds to a depth of 1 cm, the container is tightened with a film. The temperature is maintained at about 22 degrees.

Care is to moisten the soil.

After the seedlings have ascended and matured, they are planted in separate containers.
And, after a while, you can be proud of the home-grown freesia Terry, Red Lyon or any other.

Colorful oasis

Flowers freesia All without exception, flower growers give freesia the right of primacy among garden flowers. She really deserves such an exceptional relationship.

And it does not matter which of the varieties will be your favorite( Red Lion, Apolo, Princess Marijka, Terry, Oberon ) - the main thing is that its flowering adorns your garden, house and serves as a source of joy.