How to grow on my site budleju - reproduction, pruning and care

Budlei in the pot Budleju can not be called a plant, planting and caring for which is not associated with certain difficulties. Therefore, a florist, with a catastrophic lack of time, it is better not to take up her cultivation. Nevertheless, to all comers, we provide detailed guidance on the care of this amazing flower, which bears the name of the "dream of a landscape designer". The secret of the buddha Pink Delight or David is that she begins to delight the eyes with a lush bloom at a time when most flowering plants have already begun to prepare for the cold times.


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Secrets Budli

Inflorescences of Buddha David It is very important to each florist to pay attention tothe following:

  • budleja will always look beautiful in a group landing, or against the background of a lawn;
  • excellent solution will be planting three or four bushes of different sizes;
  • is acceptable planting this flower with other flowering shrubs to create a contrast in color;
  • perfectly budleya combined with garden roses;
  • looks fine with ground cover plants, as a dominant in the landscape of the garden;
  • it is possible to grow budleies in flower pots;
  • this plant well tolerates pruning during the formation of the bush;
  • blooming budlea is an excellent honeycomb;
  • flower is pollinated by butterflies, therefore above its petals and these colorful insects will always fly.
It should also be noted that among the species of this plant there are both tall shrubs and compact ones.

We allocate a place in the garden

Budleia at the fence Proceeding from the fact that the budlea is a heat-loving plant, it is necessary to give it a sunny and open place. It is also necessary to take care that it is protected from drafts and cold winds. Experienced growers recommend placing the flower near a high fence, or garden and country houses.

We care for the proper way

Regarding the care of this flower, there are a number of specific points that need to be considered. This section stipulates many factors that will not only provide proper care for the David's buddha, but will also reveal all its potential.

Soil and top dressing

Bush budlei on the veranda The soil factor of the budlei is not very demanding. Nevertheless, planting should be done in a fertile, light and well-moistened soil. The bushes react extremely positively to the application of fertilizing in the soil. It is desirable to use nitrogen fertilizers, which have a beneficial effect on its growth, as well as recovery after a winter, cold-filled period. Experienced growers insist that the second top dressing should be carried out by the middle of July, and phosphorus and potassium should already prevail in it, which will contribute not only to rapid aging of shoots, but also to intensive flowering.

During the same summer period, care for the budle, including David, will include the introduction of Inflorescence budlei organic fertilizers: compost and / or humus. It is not superfluous to be pampered with budlet and ash in small quantities. Proper, and most importantly timely introduction of the necessary fertilizers into the soil, will give the bush the opportunity not only to develop quickly, but also abundantly to blossom. In turn, the absence of fertilizer application will lead to a morbid and exhausted appearance. She also will not be able to bloom in her season.

Features of summer care

It should be remembered that the native land of this flower is the humid subtropics of Japan and China.
From this it follows that in arid summer weather, I need to water it. Special attention is paid to the experienced flower growers to spray their leaves.

We cover for the winter

Bushes budlei in the snow Certain care for David's buddha is also covered in the preparation of this shrubby for winter. Many amateur gardeners cut this bush to a level of 10 cm, and cut the leaves around the flower and cover it with additional peat or humus. This method is unacceptable due to the fact that on warm winter days, or too wet winter, the bush will simply become stuck and will be destroyed.

Let's look at the correct way of preparing shrubs for wintering. Delicate shoots of this thermophilic flower by October are recommended to be cut to a "stump" condition. However, the archival moment will be the careful shelter and warming of the budleae roots with fallen leaves, or peat. It is generally known that snow is the most reliable protection.

A very important moment, which will ensure proper care of the plant in winter, will be pouring snow onto the wintering flower bushes.
However, even in the autumn, you can take care of the construction of snow-blocking obstacles.

Preparing the bush for the winter So, to prolong the life of the flower and reduce the level of stress from the effects of low temperatures, experienced flower growers build a special shelter for the budlea. A certain frame is built with the use of metal or wood, which is covered with ordinary polyethylene, the lower part of which is pressed down by a reliable load to the ground, and inside, like a warm layer, is stuffed with dry leaves.

Propagation of budlei with seeds

The first shoots of the budleigh Seeds are planted in the last month of winter, or in early spring, to obtain seedlings. Already after two or three weeks, after sowing the seeds, the first shoots will appear. The seeds are very small in budle, so it is not recommended to plant them in the ground too deeply. Professional flower growers recommend mixing seeds with soil and distributing the resulting composition evenly over the soil. Then prororoshit them with a light substrate and moisten the soil with a spray. After that, the container should be covered, if not glass, with a plastic bag for the purpose of keeping it within the vital moisture. To remove polyethylene, or glass is allowed only after the already grown up shoots have risen.

It is permissible to plant budlet seeds also in open ground. However, most growers do not approve the multiplication of budlea with seeds in this way because of the heavy soil composition and the difficult distinction between the first shoots and the parasitizing weed.

Propagation budlei propagation by

Propagation budlei cuttings On numerous photos or videos laid out in the network, you can visually see how the reproduction occurs in this way. He also has the advantage that the gardener always knows exactly what kind of plant works. So, the budleya of David excellently propagates cuttings, both green and stiff. In case of using the latter, the branches that matured with the subsequent storage in the refrigerator until spring are cut in autumn. Then they get out and cut up to 20 cm in length, after which each part is planted in a prepared substrate in advance.

Green cuttings are cut directly in summer and immediately planted in the ground.
Gardeners recommend this process in shaded areas and exclusively under a glass jar. It is this kind of care that will be most faithful. Under such conditions, during the characteristic period of the cuttings they take root and are able to grow considerably.

Pruning the buddle

Pruning shrubs The maximum and annual pruning does not allow David to be more prolific. This procedure is the necessary care that this rose bush needs. The presented photo shows how much space this plant can occupy. Therefore, correct pruning makes this flower ideal even for a small garden. Crop the budlei of David, up to 30 cm, in early spring. In order to get a tall bush, they are shortened to 90 cm. Also, annual pruning stimulates not only abundant flowering, but also the growth of young shoots. With the help of pruning plants, flower growers extend the life span.